Sign Up Your Co-Workers

Do you ever wish your co-workers arrived at work cheery, fit, and chock full of endorphins? Help persuade them to experiment with habit-forming Bike to Work Day! Simply click the blue "Download" button below. You'll get a convenient PDF sign-up sheet to print out and post on your workplace bulletin board.

To have your team page created on this website contact Anne at  She will contact you once the new page is set up and you will be given permissions to add co-workers to the page!

Here is how to define a novice bike commuter:
You are a novice bike commuter if your first bike trip from your current home to your current workplace is either ON BIKE TO WORK DAY this year, or WHILE PREPARING FOR BIKE TO WORK DAY this year. (Special considerations apply in the case of employees with roving worksites, e.g. construction crews or real estate agents. For example, Tim Godshall routinely bikes to work, and so would not be considered a novice bike commuter even if he happened to start working at a new worksite on Bike to Work Day.)

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