Rosetta Stone

Team Captain: David Wingfield

5th Floor SubTeam:
Lieutenant David Litherland commutes 60 miles each way, and says many co-workers have similarly long commutes. This SubTeam has the potential to beat Average Mileage Champions Laughing Dog, who won the trophy last year with an average score of 18 miles.

Finance & Legal SubTeam (4th floor):
    Lieutenant: Isaac Shelly.
        Isaac Shelly rode 3 miles.
        Dave Rainard rode 10.4 miles.
        Justin Reesor rode 4 miles.
        Amelie Sheppard rode
4 miles.

  R&D SubTeam (3rd floor):
     Lieutenant: Jack Marmorstein.
        Ilse Ackerman rode 1.4 miles.
        Kevin Burnett rode 1 mile.   
        Ann Lewis rode 2 miles.
        Matt Loflin rode 6 miles.
        Jack Marmorstein rode 2 miles.
        Phil Riley rode 2 miles.
Content Development SubTeam (2nd floor):

    Matt Cuba rode 6 miles.
    Ben Keller rode 2.2 miles.

Creative Services SubTeam (2nd floor):
    Thomas Cooper rode 2 miles.

1st Floor SubTeam (Lieutenant-Captain Wingfield):
    Audio SubSubTeam:
        Mike Hudson rode 0.8 miles.
    Photo SubSubTeam:
        Dan Stellar rode 5 miles.
        David Wingfield rode 2 miles.
        Steve Witmer rode 2 miles.
        Andrew Kilcup rode 2 miles.

SCC Lieutenant: Hannah Stell

    Hannah Stell rode 1.2 miles.
    Sarah Fields rode 8 miles.
    *Rachel Jackman rode 5 miles.
    Lauren Jardot rode 1.5 miles.
    Jasmine Thomas rode 4 miles.

Skaters & Walkers:
    Joe Flores 1.8 miles
    Sam Beatty 0.5 mile
    Amanda Henderson 1.8 miles
    Steve Doty 0.5 mile
    Ed Savoy 1.2 miles
    Stuart Landis 1 mile

Institutional Sales

Loring Gibson rode 7 miles.

Heroic, solitary Loring Gibson.