Commuters Without Captains

And in some cases without current jobs or bikes, but still useful for calculating number of breakfasts served.

People known to be on bikes: 56
Novice commuters: 6
Miles biked: 391.8
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RidersWorkplace (if applicable)Miles (round-trip)Bike to Work Day: Biked to work?Bike to Work Day: Biked from work?
RidersWorkplace (if applicable)Miles (round-trip)Bike to Work Day: Biked to work?Bike to Work Day: Biked from work?
Aimee Rodriguez Cargill   
Andrew JMU student biked to breakfast  
Anne Brie Home health in the Shenandoah Valley escorted kids to school (breakfast)  
another JMU student  biked to breakfast  
Ben Muddy Feet Graphics 8.5 yes! (breakfast)  
Ben Sandel self-employed  breakfast  
Caitlin Daniels JMU student biked to breakfast  
Carleigh Boyd JMU student biked to breakfast  
*Caroline Miller Rockingham Dermatology 6 (errands) yes (breakfast)  
Chris Monahan Funkhouser drove car. Came to breakfast. In car. To support Bike to Work Day.  
Chris Scott Shenandoah Mountain Touring 2 (today) yes! (breakfast)  
Curtis Kappsak Advance Auto Parts 10 yes! (breakfast)  
Darrell Parr Walker Industries 36 yes! (breakfast)  
DJ Seifert HR Social Services 7.5 Yes! (email)  
Doug Jones recent JMU grad walked breakfast  
Emily JMU student biked to breakfast  
Erik Jensen Mark's Bike Shop today: 1 (3 to work) breakfast  
*Erin Overstreet TV3 8.4 yes! (breakfast)  
Hannah Pleasant View Incorporated yes! (breakfast)  
James JMU student biked to breakfast  
James Hess UMA Inc. 10 yes! (email)  
*Jason Box Verizon 26! yes! (breakfast)  
Jason Dubbs Patabsco Middle School, Ellicott City, MD 28 Yes! (email)  
Jennifer Hess The Beauty Spa 2.5 Yes! (email)  
Jeremiah Bishop Alpine Loop Gran Fondo said we had all his info (but we don't) biked to breakfast Wikipedia says he's a professional mountain bike racer, so I'm gonna assume he biked home. 
Joanne Koops Robert Detrich (dentist) not working today has never biked to work because Reservoir & Cantrell too tricky. Sent her to ask Carl's advice as Bike Commuter Mentor. 
Joel Maynard Dept. of Environmental Quality yes! (breakfast)  
John Ashenfelter Transitionpoint yes! (breakfast)  
John Knetemann Union Station yes! (breakfast)  
John Youngdahl Skyline Middle School yes! (Happy Hour)  
Katie JMU student biked to breakfast  
Kayla JMU student biked to breakfast  
Ken Lieber ABC store 2.5 yes! (breakfast)  
*Ken Miller Rockingham Eye yes (breakfast)  
Lani Thibodaux Grandma's Pantry (Shenandoah Heritage Market)   
Layla, age 9 Spotswood yes! (breakfast)  
Linda Shepherd retired -- bringing bikes to Ben Wyse 20 yes (breakfast)  
Lis Englen Ramada Inn   
Liz Keller Dave's Taverna yes! (email)  
Luke Sackett Wilson Middle School 33 (one-way) yes! (breakfast & email) No (celebrating; designated driver -- see email). 
Maggie JMU student biked to breakfast  
Marcia Lamphier  6 (today) biked to breakfast  
Marshall Hammond  6 (today) biked to breakfast  
Matt JMU student biked to breakfast  
*Matt Small Rev Builders 8.4 yes! (breakfast)  
Matt Waidelich self-employed yes! (breakfast)  
Melly Shenk Skyline Literacy (must be at least 1, given Skyline's distance from Court Square) yes! (breakfast)  
Michael Firehouse Subs walked breakfast  
Michael Dioszeghy works in Richmond; in town presumably visiting fiancée. biked to breakfast  
Michael Kessler Batteries Plus no bike -- crash. breakfast  
Nate Hissong Harrisonburg High School 6.5 yes! (breakfast)  
Noel Levan Fairfield Center yes! (breakfast)  
Paul Yoder retired (still does sales of Living Magazine) 10 yes (breakfast)  
Rebekah Harrisonburg Community Health Center yes! probably -- she bikes every single day. 
Roland Owens Dept. of Transportation, Richmond 15 working from home  
Sam Nichols Center for Health and Human Development yes! (breakfast)  
Sarah currently unemployed  walked  
Sarah Frick Cedar Stone Spa & School of Massage yes! (breakfast)  
Sue George Shenandoah Yoga 1.5 yes! (breakfast)  
Susan Ziccardi homemaker yes! (breakfast)  
Theo Stuurop retired - bringing bikes to Ben Wyse 20 yes (breakfast)  
Tim Cupp Cupp & Cupp not on bike breakfast  
Tom Domonoske self-employed breakfast  
Tracy Seefried escorting kids (mom) yes! (breakfast)  
Travis Layman Harman Construction 14 yes! (breakfast)  
Trevor Chase VISTA at Bridgewater College 15! yes! (breakfast)  
Wrong Way   yes (breakfast)  
yet another JMU student  biked to breakfast  
Zach Benevento Thomas Harrison (student) yes (breakfast)  
Showing 69 items