Commuters Without Captains

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RidersWorkplace (if applicable)Miles (round-trip)Bike to Work Day: Biked to work?
RidersWorkplace (if applicable)Miles (round-trip)Bike to Work Day: Biked to work?
Adrie Voors touring JMU PhysChem Yes (breakfast) 
Alex Hulleman Thomas Harrison Middle School (student)  yes (breakfast) 
André Eanes student (along for the ride) Yes (breakfast) 
Ben Sandel Vision Technology Group Yes (breakfast) 
Briana Partin JMU (student) Yes (breakfast) 
Bruce Ritchie landscaping (varies) carpools to town, brings folding bike yes (breakfast) 
Chris Hulleman JMU Center for Assessment & Research (Anthony-Seeger Hall) Yes (breakfast) 
Clay Showalter Gravity Group Yes (breakfast) 
Connie Peterson JMU Health Sciences  
Dan Finseth Rockingham Group 18.4 Yes (breakfast) 
Daniel JMU-IVS (Institute for Visual Studies, Roop Hall) yes (breakfast) 
George Willi Enterprise Food Service 20 yes (breakfast) 
Giles Eanes RMH 14 Yes! (breakfast) 
Howard Lubert JMU Political Science Yes (breakfast) 
Joe Frease works at home  yes (breakfast) 
Jon Monroe JMU Biology yes (breakfast) 
Juan Traditions Yes (breakfast) 
Kathryn Hulleman Thomas Harrison Middle School (student)  yes (breakfast) 
Katie Monroe Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia (on holiday) yes (breakfast) 
Kevin Iwonicki Rockingham Group 18.4 Yes (breakfast) 
*Leah accompanying friend to SBC yes (breakfast) 
Lisa Hawkins Shank Big Brothers Big Sisters Yes (breakfast) 
Margot Zahner Thomas Harris Middle School Yes (breakfast) 
Matt Donohue Dow Jones (telecommuter, dropping son off at daycare) yes (breakfast) 
Matt Trybus JMU Office of Disability Services (Wilson Hall) 52 yes! (breakfast) 
Michael Weaver works from home (self-employed) yes (breakfast) 
Pat Roberts The Corner Yes (breakfast) 
Paul A. Yoder home workplace (projects, Lowe's) 10 (breakfast) 
Preston Wood Grill yes (breakfast) 
*Sally Home Instead 11 Yes (breakfast) 
Sarah Willow Springs Spa yes (breakfast) 
Sarah Murphy Arts Council 0.5 yes (breakfast) 
Silas Benevento Waterman Elementary School (student) 2.5 yes (breakfast) 
Sue George Shenandoah Yoga Yes (breakfast) 
Sue Gier Gilmer Industries 25 yes (breakfast) 
Tim Cassel Bean Brothers Trucking 16 Yes (breakfast) 
Tomas Régalado-Lopez JMU Foreign Languages (Keezell) yes! (breakfast) 
Whitney March Smile Makers Yes (but not working) 
Zach Benevento Thomas Harris Middle School (student) yes (breakfast) 
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