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Rosetta Stone

Team Captain: Dave Wingfield

SubTeam Lieutenants:
Fairfield: floor 1 (16): Whitney Tolley
Fairfield: floor 2: Jamba Dunn
Fairfield: floors 3 (?) & 4 (37): Justin Reesor & Dale Richards
Stolzfus: Apryl Donovan
Wetsel (32): Loring Gibson

Champion SubTeam: Fairfield Floor 1:
16 employees, of whom 7 rode and 2 walked. Participation rate: a robust 50%. Audio Team (5) outdid Photo Team (11) at 75% to 40%, but Photo Team bikers rode twice as far as Audio Team bikers.

Champion Long-Distance Rider: Dave Nealon (22 miles)

Champion Long-Distance Novice: Rob Morgan (narrowly beaten in the all-Hburg contest by Andrea Wegner, EMU Marketing Director).
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ParticipantsMiles (round-trip)May 21st: Biked to work?May 21st: Absent?
ParticipantsMiles (round-trip)May 21st: Biked to work?May 21st: Absent?
Dave Wingfield (F1: Photo) yes  
Dan Stellar (F1: Photo) yes  
*Tiffany Showalter (F1: Photo) yes  
Jeff James (F1: Photo) yes  
Priya S. (F1: Photo)  walked!  
Whitney Tolley (F1: Audio) yes  
Mike Hudson (F1: Audio) yes  
Dean Fitzgerald (F1: Audio) yes  
Phil Easley (F1: Audio)  walked!  
Dave Nealon (F2) 22 yes  
Ilse Ackerman (F2) yes  
Benjamin Keller (F2) yes  
Robin Smith (F2) yes  
Ronald Rammelkamp (F2) yes  
Jack Marmorstein (F3) yes  
Phil Riley (F3) yes  
Justin Reesor (F4) yes  
*Justin Showalter (F4) 1.58 yes  
Apryl Donovan (S1) 18 yes  
Andrew Kilcup (S1) yes  
*Rob Morgan (S1) 18 yes  
Chase Lyne (S2) yes  
Travis Whitmore (S2) yes  
Loring Gibson (W) walked!  
Unknown (Wetsel)  carpooled  
Unknown2 (W)  carpooled  
Isaac Shelly (F4) 2.5 yes  
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