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How to Win the Bike to Work Challenge

To celebrate Bike to Work Day here in Harrisonburg, we're organizing a friendly contest between downtown workplaces. Here's how it works:

Each workplace has a potential Team, consisting of all the people who might travel to work at that workplace on Friday, May 21st. Some workplaces are small (the Hypothetical Diner), and some are large (the Fictitious Factory). If your workplace is huge, you may want to make your Team just one division: for example, JMU has thousands of employees, but only 46 math professors, who all play well together. So it made sense to have a Team just for that group.

Each Team needs at least one Team Captain. If you're a Team Captain, your job is to encourage your colleagues who are interested in biking to work, and help us keep track of how many succeed. We'll provide workshops and other resources to make your workplace as successful as possible.

We suggest folks get in the habit of bicycle commuting during the days and weeks before Bike to Work Day. Usually there are a few kinks to be worked out the first time someone commutes by bike, if they're new to it or haven't done it in a while. Once you've got going, greenlightride.com can provide a neat way to keep yourself in the habit (once you've registered, look for our Challenge: hburgBike2Work). But remember, in order to win, everyone's trips May 21st have to be logged on their Team Page (see sidebar).

Afterwards, we'll announce who has the highest participation rate and who has the highest total miles bicycled, for both large and small businesses. Huzzah!

If you would like to sign up, or have other questions, email  hybridgoldfish@gmail.com