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2010 Bike To Work Day Winners

Highest Participation Rate: SHENANDOAH BICYCLE COMPANY (Thomas Jenkins, team captain)

Six out of six employees biked to work on Bike2Work Day, as they do every day in this hotbe
d of bike culture. Their average round-trip commute wa
s 2 miles -- we commend the team members' decisions to live and work within the same locale for enhanced bikeability.

Longest Average Commute:
(Matt Smith, team captain)
This team's most valuable player was Paula, who logged a heroic 25 mile round-trip commute. But they would not have outperformed the Mahatma Gandhi Center had owner Bix not joined his young crew, pedaling 15.7 miles to work and back. Not everyone can afford to work near home (or live near work): while SBC's bike-friendly downtown location supports their mission, Wilderness Voyagers' sales jumped when they moved from a house on Mason out to Mall Land, where they are visible to travelers heading from I-81 to Shenandoah National Park. As our only Mall Land team, Wilderness Voyagers represent the kind of bravery and willingness to overcome obstacles that Harrisonburg will need if it is to transform itself in accordance with both its values and its material realities.

Highest Participation Rate: THE INDIAN & AMERICAN CAFE WORKERS (Travis Kendrick, team captain) tied with the Mahatma Gandhi Center 

This team benefited from bikeability, virtuous habits, and luck. All team members live within easy biking distance, and several habitually ride. Others do not own bicycles, but were not scheduled for shifts that day. If this team hopes to retain their trophy, they'll want to hook up all their members with bicycles, perhaps through the 'Everyday Bikes' program or other secondhand sources.

ed Participation Rate: EASTERN MENNONITE UNIVERSITY (Greg Sachs
, tea
m captain)

Captain Sachs fielded a huge team, and did a fantastic job of coordinating their data -- perhaps unsurprisingly, as he is an information technology specialist. 

(Sharon Kniss, team captain)

We were honored to be contacted by the Gandhi Center, since they carry on such an illustrious legacy of peaceful collective transformation, sustainability, and low-tech wheel-spinning. But we wer
e awed by their performance, especially that of founding director Sushil Mittal, who had previously only ridden in his neighborhood with his children. All three team members had veered out of their way to join us at the Bike2Work Breakfast, where Professor Mittal (usually a formal dresser) was photographed wearing his first ever jeans and sneakers, procured specially for Bike2Work Day. On his return commute, Professor Mittal was unseated by the notorious South Main train tracks, an upset with which many more experienced bicyclists will sympathize.  The team's average commute was 6.8 miles, well above all competitors in their class, and they actually qualified for two trophies, since their participation rate was 100%. We've awarded custody of the second trophy to their co-winners, whose dharma also originates on or near the Indian Subcontinent (see above).